Dear guest,

Please get acknowledged with the general terms and conditions of Rehani Grillhouse.

In case you want to cancel your booked order, you should keep informed our sales managers by visiting the restaurant or calling 044800606 (at least 24 hours prior to your event, while in case of special festive days at least 5 days beforehand). In case you notify us about your order cancelation within the specified dates, your prepayment will be returned to you. Otherwise, the prepayment will not be returned.

In case the number of your guests changes from your initially booked number, please keep informed our sales managers by calling 044800606.
In case of reservations for special festive days, please inform our sales managers about such changes at least 3 days prior to your event in order the show program fee to be charged only for the actual number of your present guests. Otherwise, the show program fee will be charged for the number of people you initially made the reservation for.

In case you want to change your menu ordered beforehand, you should visit Rehani Grillhouse and make the changes in place at least 24 hours prior to your event. Menu changes cannot be made by the phone.

In case you or your guests damage the property of Rehani Grillhouse, the amount of the damage will be added to your fee.

Rehani Grillhouse warns that sales of alcohol is forbidden to the people under age according to the RA legislation.

Rehani Grillhouse does not bear responsibility in case alcohol is ordered and consumed by the people under age by deception.

Payment at Rehani Grillhouse can be done only in Armenian drams according to the RA legislation, in cash, or by ARCA, MASTER, VISA payment systems, or by bank transfer. In case of corporate clients, the payment can de one by transfer based on the initially signed agreement between both parts.


A) It is not allowed to bring to Rehani Grillhouse:

  • food and alcoholic beverages. An exception can be a bottle of wine on christening, 2 bottles of cognac on engagement, and the party cake
  • objects that can be dangerous for public life and health
  • fireworks, streamers, confetti
  • pets

B) It is not allowed without the permission of Sales managers:

  • to bring helium balloons
  • to bring advertising posters
  • to invite cartoon heroes, showmen or singers
  • to bring Candy Bar